What is the cacoon?


Designed for adults and children alike – it is quite simply, a back to the nest adventure… a sanctuary that makes you happier and healthier. The Cacoon is the new concept for an indoor and outdoor hanging chair. It can be used as a garden swing chair, a patio hanging chair, a hanging tree tent or a baby swing chair. But during the cold winter months, be sure to bring it indoors for some reading time next to the fireplace…

The brainchild of a team of professional sail makers and experts in fabric and textile technology for architectural structures, it was originally commissioned as a relaxation solution for the UK’s Scarlet hotel to complement the coastal location and Eco-aspirations of this luxury spa in Cornwall.

The inspiration

Just hang your nestThis natural new experience actually comes from nature itself. It’s a concept inspired by the beautifully stitched together hanging nests of the weaver bird. The designers saw these amazing structures in Mexico and by the time their flight landed in London the Cacoon was born. For this little bird it creates a safe bolt-hole in the jungle; for you it creates your own personal space. You’re hidden away and sheltered, relaxed and relaxing, still aware of the sounds and sights around, but cocooned alone, or together, in your own private world.

How we make the Cacoon?

As you’d expect, all our products are made to very exacting standards. We use top grade fabrics, developed for the high demands of the marine and camping industries. A mix of cotton and polyester help retain the soft feel of natural canvas while achieving the longevity of a technical fabric. Each Cacoon is treated for anti-mould, UV protection and water resistance.

Cacoon is safe and strong, simple yet quirky. It’s small enough to carry, yet big enough to share. From wind and wet to sun and sea, its high quality, weatherproof fabric resists all the elements. It’s been tested and hung in every type of environment – in the garden, on a hike, in the woods, by the coast, in the office, in sports and leisure centres, in bedrooms and dens, in hotels and adventure playgrounds – inside and out, just hanging out and giving people a lot of fun.