Songo Cacoon Hanging Chair on Sale in South Africa

Our summer sale has arrived and if you ever thought that you could not afford the cacoon Songo hanging chair, this is your chance! The ultimate luxury hanging chair, exquisite design with twin doors offering gentle air ventilation in the…

Cacoon in Knysna

Dear Martin and Ilana Thank you for our very exciting delivery today!  We are up in the tree hanging Cacoons and they look fantastic!

Accessories & Knots

This video shows various knots for hanging the Cacoon, as well as accessories, which you can buy.

Hanging your Cacoon

This video provides you with the necessary know-how on how to hang your Cacoon, straight from our designer, Nick! Assembling and Hanging the Cacoon is very easy. Follow the steps described in the video

Finally my Songo

The long wait has finally paid off…. this is the ultimate patio hanging chair: the Songo. It hanging on a deck around Cape Town… Imagine, watching a most magnificent sunset with a glass of red, chilling out with book, and…


Cacoon Accessories

Insect Nets The insect Net fits tightly to create a water barrier, while the generous overlap of canvas will keep out most of what nature can throw at it. For even greater protection the material rolls underneath the bottom of…